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It was in 2013 is full of political events , which clearly affected the car market in general , making the car companies find solutions to better access to the client for the highest satisfaction and this year saw a remarkable development on the edge as a result of hard work and sincere efforts by management and staff within the institution to earn the trust and respect of clients It has been the development of the sales department was chosen as the good elements , training and rehabilitation to reach the highest level of customer satisfaction . Contract with the National Bank and Riyad Bank ... Preference offers the client many options of types of car brands and they are an authorized distributor for Kia , Hyundai and other agencies was the finding financing solutions varied in order to find a customer's car needed and gets the best service funding in the same place , and was contracted with the National Commercial Bank department auto financing , and also to Riyad Bank In addition to the major finance companies in Saudi Orix for Krnav Nayifat optimal convenience and company financing and leasing company . Where we have the lowest rate financing Kingdom 1.99 % and the customer can sign a lease -purchase during the quarter fifteen minutes of his visit to us. The preference is striving to reach the highest level of customer satisfaction .



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